Oasis Tarzana’s program is designed for the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction and offers daily treatment of either group or individual therapy. We utilize group and individual therapy as Evidence Based Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Experiential Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy and optional Neurofeedback sessions as well as education on addiction and family therapy sessions.We let the resident lead the way in their treatment, so if you would like a 12-Step Model, SMART Recovery Model, or the other models we offer, we will accommodate.  Your health and comfort matter most to us and our team proactively takes part in your journey and well-being.  We strive to make sure you have a positive experience with our services and continue your new way of life and lifestyle management after your stay with us. 

Our roadmap to recovery is expertly conveyed to residents by Master’s level or higher clinicians, licensed mental health professionals and each residents case is overseen by a medical doctor.

Residents learn: coping skills, strategies to maintain a new way of life, psychoeducation, educational counseling, therapeutic counseling, individualized counseling, goal-oriented counseling, and lifestyle management education.


Oasis Tarzana offers daily individual and group therapy to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Therapeutic techniques include:

Evidence Based Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Neurofeedback sessions

Education on

Family therapy

Residents at Oasis Tarzana lead the way selecting their model of recovery and is not limited to a 12-Step or SMART Recovery model.


One-on-one therapy is crucial to the recovery process. This is where our licensed clinical therapists address and solve the issues surrounding the resident’s drug and alcohol abuse. Residents work closely with our clinical team to achieve success in recovery. 


Group therapy is a vital piece of the recovery process. Our patients are able to constructively interact in a controlled environment to help better their communication skills, conflict resolution, and other areas where they may experience triggers to use drugs and alcohol. 


This specialized therapy is very effective when it comes to treating substance abuse disorder and is used widely throughout the therapeutic community. It helps patients address negative thoughts and beliefs they may not have been aware of. This process helps unearth and change deep-seeded issues that contribute to drug and alcohol abuse. 


This behavioral therapy is designed to help promote positive behaviors within the patient which help build a strong foundation for success in recovery. Introducing healthy coping mechanisms can be extremely effective when it comes to relapse prevention. Techniques such as controlling cravings, handling unhealthy emotions, and setting up positive goals empower the individual to resist the urge to use again. 


A big part of the recovery process is engaging in recreational activities that one may have lost interest in during their active addiction. We at Oasis Tarzana provide you or your loved one with activities such as yoga, swimming, art therapy, meditation, and even provide massages. This allows for the opportunity to learn how to thrive again with hobbies and activities.